Club Directors  2022-2023


President – Lion Perry Pearce
Past President – Lion Zoellyn Onn
1st Vice – Lion Tim Prior
2nd Vice
 – Lion Klaas Jorritsma
3rd Vice – Lion Greg Ducharme
Treasurer – Lion Brad Knight
Secretary – Lion Paul Mutter
1 year
 - Lion Jim Lee
1 year - Lion John Gillis
2 year - Lion Brian Schlosser
2 year - Lion Ivonne Albers
Tail Twister - Lion Rick Demaray
Assist. Twister - Lion Jean Davidson
Lion Tamer - Lion Brian Keller

Bulletin Editor - Zoellyn Onn


BREAKFASTS: Chair Perry and Julie Pearce, Brian Keller, John Gillis, Gordon Mitchell, Merle Hoegy, Tim Prior, Louise Poirier, Cherida McCullagh, Brian Schlosser, John Albers, Ivonne Albers, Neil Mitchell, Rick Demaray, Dominique Naipal.

MEMBERSHIP: Chair Tim Prior, Brian Keller, Zoellyn Onn, Perry Pearce.

ELIMINATION DRAW: Chair Ron Clarkson, Paul Mutter, Klaas Jorritsma, Jim Prior, Greg Ducharme, Frank Workman, Perry Pearce, Neil Mitchell.

HOCKEY DRAW: Chair Patty VanderMeer, Jim Prior, Brian Keller, Rick Demaray.

LEO ADVISORY: Chair Zoellyn Onn, Gordon Mitchell.

YOUTH EXCHANGE: Chair Brian Keller, Gerry Exel, Julie Pearce, Gary McCutcheon.

MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: Chair Peter Jaycock, Zoellyn Onn.
COMMUNITY PROJECTS LIAISON: Chair Paul Mutter, Kathy Nichol, Greg Ducharme, Gary McCutcheon, Tim Prior.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Chair Janet Haertel, Jean Davidson, Cora Alcock.

CHRISTMAS RAFFLE: Chair Brian Schlosser, John Boneschansker, Louise Poirier, Cherida McCullagh.

TERRY FOX RUN: Chair Neil Mitchell

DUCK RACE: Chair Patty VanderMeer, Jim Lee, Frank Workman, Ron Clarkson, John Luc Lemery

FIDDLE JAMBOREE: Chair Jim Lee, Perry Pearce, Jean Davidson, Greg Ducharme, John Albers, Ivonne Albers, Louise Poirier, Brian Schlosser, Cherida McCullagh.

PARADES AND FLOATS: Chair Julie Pearce, Gord Mitchell, Merle Hoegy, Peter Jaycock, Jean Luc Lemery

COMMUNITY SPECIAL NEEDS: Chair Cora Alcock, Neil McGavin, Jean Davidson, Bob Richmond, Gordon Mitchell, Klass Jorritsma, Clarence Mccutcheon.